When people think it is easy to live in my body.
The image in a mirror of an identical..to another it’s beauty, intelligent.....powerful.
Flip side of that mirror there is dirt...evil...a malignant spirit..
of a man that would destroy everything around him with no intentions to do so.
A man that’s raising himself to be a man again.
A devilish influence upon him. No matter his battle against it.
Satan slowly poisoning his soul with deceit...feeling as if he is accomplishing his ultimate goal.
No matter how many attempts to reject the spiteful and destructive behavior of that demon....
There’s a deep war with himself.
Like a soldier adapted to his bloodshed life, he thinks he has it...control..the key to victory.
And when he least expects it the enemy is back and now it is a different fight.
He buries an enemy and another one appears. He knows the fight to becoming a better him won’t be easy. He has seen and been through just about everything.
A fight with an illustration that only his eyes know.
When looking through his burnished eyes...it’s a window to his soul.
A man where suicide once crossed his mind..
But what would that do?
Start to question his mother’s role as mother. Start to question his father who he’s met only once. Start to question god’s role....
“Why have I been dealt these cards?”
How long would it take for this pain to become my strength?Battles can sometime scar you...and at the same time be able to tell heartfelt stories.
My head spins through my past life. I sit here wondering on sins and pain committed.
Perhaps I’ve wronged many people...that God will not forgive me.
Once a child of the demon,
he is slowly transitioning to God’s angel.
Learning to love himself.
All the regret, he believes he still can have a pure soul in front of the steps to heaven.
Knowing that god gives him a chance to live again. Giving him a chance to live life with no evil surfaced. Knowing that god is giving him the vitals to take the path that will make him into powerful man.
Even if the demon is going to be in his life forever...even if they try to chew his soul. They wouldn't be able to take him from himself. He has admitted God into his life for a future of peace. Your sins and evils in the past....
God always forgives.
The old dirty mirror would shine brighter...after the cleanse of a polluted soul.
You can love the reflection in the mirror...but demons would be looking afar...waiting for you to give up and for your flawless mirror to crack.......demons!


Popping bottles with a empty refrigerator


Pop them bottles! Pour them bottles! Show them bands off ! Pop the prices of them bottles on that credit card !
Every week rewind it all over again !
Tell them joints how fly you are ! Screaming out how much money you got ! Tell them how important your life is; until you go home and there's just a empty refrigerator!
A empty home with no one to really love you for who you are !
Empty life, no woman to really call your own. You dealing with too many woman with no heart who just want a piece of your money. Don't forget about them bills that are building up on top on your table, while there no food in your refrigerator. Bills that are past over due and you can't pay them off .
Missed phone call from your son waiting to speak to his daddy No ! no! because you have a image to show the world . The world of people that really don't care about you .
A world in which you can be gone by tomorrow, you will be forgotten like a pair of week old Jordan’s. The system of the fast life just broke you . Look in the mirror brother don't you see yourself no more ! What happened to the man that your mother raised? While everyone that cares about you is begging for you to change . You have your so-called friends telling you pop them bottles.
When will you be able to be the real you, the one that you can say your name and really know who you are? When can you put a smile on that face? Don't look down. Are you scared of what you became? The one that the world don't really know . Can you even love your true self? Don't the floor feel cold while you walking to a empty bed . A empty bed of filled with the past scents of women you fucked night after night. God, can you help him ?
We have a man that so lost with a disease called the fast lifestyle. Is it so fast that you can't control your life and the brakes that are on you can't stop you . Tell me Mr. Champagne with the empty refrigerator. God give you a path but you decided to take another route. When are you going to awaken from that sleeping Motion.
What can you do brother with no life? Brother ! brother wake up. Do you see your son crying for you to be a father? A mother that is calling for you to change. A ex girl that you left for them joint that all they see in you is dollar bills. But you can't kick that fast lifestyle monkey. Wait bro until your life get together you will be lonely. Until you find yourself, your life would be just Mr. Champagne with a empty refrigerator.

Misfit of the world

When you been the through of world have you through.
You start thinking that the devil been doing overtime on your shoulder.
When you look through life thinking what else is it going to put you through.
Thinking of you praying to God hoping he saves you from all your sins.
Praying overtime to change the future for yourself.
When you feel like you’re just a misfit of the world.
When your ideas how life is supposed to be, when everything you wish for doesn't happen to you and it goes down the lane where all you felt was pain in your chest. Hoping god can save me from the wrong doing of myself.
When you look at the sky thinking why would god do this to you.
Hoping that he unlocks you from the mind of that caged. Screaming to him where’s the key?
In your mind hoping that he has the keys. When your memories haunt you and become your own enemy.
When your soul is fighting demons that you can't bury.
Hope god forgives me and helps fight the demons with me.
Trying to have people understand the pain that you been through.
If people can see through my eyes and see my soul.
Really see the pain of a man like me.
Understand the harm, hurt and pain of a past that has been trying to dig a grave for you.
Carry me, carry me god to the beauty of the world .
Telling myself that you are somewhere and someplace just looking at me.
Hoping that you don't give up on me.
Feeling like sometimes I am just a misfit of the world.
Hoping the pain inside your chest would go away.
When the hurt on shoulder of devil would go away and the pain of the past would disappear like saying Abra Kadabra.
So I can accept myself as the misfit of the world.